Hotbunk Hotel Reviews


Guests who have booked and have recently stayed at a hotel are given the opportunity to rate it on a number of criteria ranging from the check-in process to the cleanliness of the hotel rooms.

This information, displayed on our website, gives you access to thousands of relevant, unbiased and genuine hotel reviews and is designed to give you the confidence to find and book a hotel that best suits your needs, whether you are a business or leisure traveller, in a group, solo or with a family.

Unbiased: hotel reviews are written by guests who have actually stayed at the hotel (unlike other online hotel reviews which can be written by anyone)
Up-to-date: hotel reviews appear on the site within approximately 1 week of a guests' stay (unlike annual written guides which can soon become out of date)
Relevant: the profile of the guest or party is displayed, e.g.. a leisure traveller or a family.

We do not publish any hotel reviews which contain comments that are profanities, insults, threats, or are prejudiced. However, we do still publish the overall score the hotel has received.